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Georgie gives seminars internationally, to a diverse range of clients from sport to operational and SAR teams. This has given her key experience with a huge number of different dogs and handlers, this allows her to tailor her teaching style to suit every dog and handler. There is no one size fits all!

Vital Foundations 

The foundations are often overlooked, when actually they are something we should always be working on. This seminar covers, value in the odor, reward, building a strong indication and motivation to search. We look at what works for each individual dog and the best foundations to build a solid base for your search, reward and indication.
This seminar is suitable for trainers wanting to learn more about the foundations and how I start my dogs. Handlers with beginner or advanced dogs that need to top up their foundations because problems in certain areas may be occurring.

Area Search 

This workshop focusses on searching open rural areas, it is suitable for SAR teams searching for live or cadaver scent and also sport handlers wanting to work their dogs (on any odor) in larger more open areas, conservation for example. We work on building the dogs confidence working a larger area and indicating at a distance from the handler.
We also make sure the handlers can be confident the dog is working and read their behaviors from a distance.

Out of reach and locked up hides workshop 

This workshop looks at building the dogs up to understand how to indicate on and work an odor that is out of reach or locked up, so they are unable to get to source.
We work each dog to the level it’s at so they build confidence and have a positive experience learning how to do this.

I can create and tailor a seminar to suit the needs of you or your clients, please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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